Pricing and shipping options that you’ll need

There are two sorted databases now listed on our website showing standard freight car colors in one list and ALL railroad colors in other list. Both lists are sorted by railroad name in ALPHABETICAL ORDER! Now you can find the paint you need for that special project.




TCP-005 Through TCP-360 (Air Brush Ready)

1 OZ. BOTTLE $ 5.69
2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 10.25
16 OZ. BOTTLE – THINNER $ 43.95
16 OZ. BOTTLE – PAINT $ 80.95

TCP-005 through TCP-350

Solvent Based Paint

TCP-005 White

TCP-006 Concrete

TCP-007 Primer

TCP-008 Graphite

TCP-009 Grimy Black

TCP-010 Black

TCP-011 Boxcar Brown

TCP-012 Chinese Red

TCP-013 Aluminum

TCP-014 Satin

TCP-015 Thinner

TCP-017 Flat

TCP-018 Gloss

TCP-019 Santa Fe Brown

TCP-020 Santa Fe Blue

TCP-021 Santa Fe Yellow

TCP-022 Santa Fe Red

TCP-023  CP Rail Action Green

TCP-024  CP Rail Action Red

TCP-025  Union Pacific Armour Mist Grey

TCP-026  Union Pacific Armour Yellow

TCP-027   Delaware & Hudson Blue

TCP-028   Delaware & Hudson Yellow

TCP-029   Delaware & Hudson Grey

TCP-031   Boston & Maine Blue

TCP-032   Canadian National Orange

TCP-033   Canadian National Yellow

TCP-034   Canadian National Green

TCP-035   Canadian National Red/Orange

TCP-036  New Haven Warm Orange

TCP-037  New Haven Hunter’s Green

TCP-038  New Haven 401 Green

TCP-039  New Haven Socony Red

TCP-040  New Haven Red/Orange

TCP-041  Guilford Grey

TCP-042  Guilford Orange

TCP-043   New York Central Jade Green

TCP-044   Penn Central Green

TCP-045  Rio Grande Aspen Gold

TCP-046  Rio Grande Orange

TCP-047   SP&S Green

TCP-048   SP&S Yellow

TCP-049  Great Northern Empire Builder Green

TCP-050  Great Northern Empire Builder Orange

TCP-051  Great Northern Big Sky Blue

TCP-052  Caboose Red

TCP-053  Tuscan Red

TCP-054  Pullman Green

TCP-055  SOO Line Red

TCP-056  Conrail Blue

TCP-057  Northern Pacific Dark Green

TCP-058  Northern Pacific Light Green

TCP-059  Alaska Blue

TCP-060  Alaska Yellow

TCP-061  BNSF Orange

TCP-062  BNSF Green

TCP-063    Boston & Maine Maroon

TCP-065  Southern Pacific Lark Dark Grey

TCP-066  Southern Pacific Scarlet Red

TCP-067  Burlington Northern Cascade Green

TCP-068    Northern Pacific Yellow

TCP-069    Reefer Yellow

TCP-070    Reefer Orange

TCP-071     C&O/B&O Yellow

TCP-072     C&O/B&O Blue

TCP-073  Western Pacific New Orange

TCP-074  Western Pacific Green

TCP-075  Pennsylvania Brunswick Green

TCP-076  Rust

TCP-077  Silver

TCP-078    REA Green

TCP-079    Vermillion

TCP-080   Imitation Aluminum

TCP-081   Railbox Yellow

TCP-082   Rich Oxide Brown

TCP-083   Lehigh Valley Cornell Red

TCP-084   Maersk Sealand Blue

TCP-085   Gold

TCP-086   Burlington Red

TCP-087   Bangor & Aroostook Blue

TCP-088   Engine Maroon

TCP-089   Light Imitation Gold

TCP-090   Vermont Red

TCP-091   United States Army Green

TCP-092   United States Navy Blue

TCP-093   Oxide Brown

TCP-094   VIA Rail Gray

TCP-095   VIA Rail Blue

TCP-096   VIA Rail Yellow

TCP-097   Montana Rail Link Gray

TCP-098   Montana Rail Link Blue

TCP-099   Western Maryland Brown

TCP-100   Rock Island Green

TCP-101   Georgia Pacific Blue

TCP-102   Maine Central Pine Green

TCP-103   Maine Central Harvest Yellow

TCP-104   Vermont Green

TCP-105   Grand Trunk Western Blue

TCP-106   Southern Pacific Daylight Red

TCP-107   Southern Pacific Daylight Orange

TCP-108   Chicago & North Western Yellow

TCP-109   Chicago & North Western Green

TCP-110   Milwaukee Road Maroon

TCP-111   Milwaukee Road Orange

TCP-112   CP Rail Action Yellow

TCP-113   Canadian Pacific Tuscan

TCP-114   Gennessee & Wyoming Yellow

TCP-115   Gennessee & Wyoming Orange

TCP-116   Wisconsin Central Gold

TCP-117   Wisconsin Central Maroon

TCP-118   Providence & Worcester Brown

TCP-119   Providence & Worcester Orange

TCP-120   Missouri Pacific Jenks Blue

TCP-121   Missouri Pacific Eagle Gray

TCP-122   Missouri Pacific Eagle Blue

TCP-123 Missouri Pacific Eagle Yellow

TCP-124   BC Rail Light Green

TCP-125   BC Rail Dark Green

TCP-126   BC Rail Red

TCP-127   BC Rail Blue

TCP-128   Southern Green

TCP-129   New York Central Light Gray

TCP-130   New York Central Dark Gray

TCP-131   Pennsylvania Maroon ( Oct. 2012)

TCP-132   Chicago Great Western Maroon (Nov. 2012)

TCP-133   Reading Green

TCP-134   Southern Pacific Light Gray

TCP-135   Southern Pacific Olive Green

TCP-136   Canadian National Lettering Gray (Oct. 2012)

TCP-137   Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern / Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Blue (DM & E / ICE)

TCP-138   Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern / Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Yellow (DM & E / ICE)

TCP-139   Missouri Pacific Boxcar Red

TCP-140   Chicago & Northwestern Zito Yellow

TCP-141   Erie Green

TCP-142   Erie-Lackawanna Gray

TCP-143   Erie-Lackawanna Maroon

TCP-144   Erie-Lackawanna Yellow

TCP-145   Northern Pacific 1947 Passenger Dark Green (Pine Tree or Butterknife Scheme)

TCP-146   Northern Pacific 1947 Passenger LightGreen (Pine Tree or Butterknife Scheme)

TCP-147   Chicago & Eastern Illinois Early Blue

TCP-148   Chicago & Eastern Illinois Orange

TCP-149   Fort Worth & Western Blue

TCP-150   Fort Worth & Western Yellow

TCP-151   U. S. Navy Battleship Gray

TCP-152   U. S. Army Desert Camouflage

TCP-153   Southern Pacific Colonial Yellow – Depot Color

TCP-154   Southern Pacific Moss Green- Depot Color

TCP-155   Great Northern Glacier Green

TCP-156   Western Fruit Express Yellow

TCP-157   SOO Line Off White

TCP-158   Canadian Pacific Gray

TCP-159   Louisville & Nashville Blue

TCP-160   Louisville & Nashville Gray

TCP-161   Louisville & Nashville Yellow

TCP-162   Milwaukee Road Hopper Yellow

TCP-163   Southern Pacific Depot Trim Brown

TCP-164   Erie Gray-Green

TCP-165   Illinois Central Brown

TCP-166   Rock Island Blue

TCP-167   Illinois Central Orange

TCP-168   Iron Oxide

TCP-169   Pan Am Blue

TCP-170   MBTA (Mass. Bay Trans. Authority) Purple

TCP-171   Weathered Black (Flat paint)

TCP-172   Weathered Concrete – Aged Concrete (Flat paint)

TCP-173   Weathered Iron Oxide (Dark Rust) (Flat paint)

TCP-174   Grime (Flat paint)

TCP-175   Sulfur (Sulphur) (Flat paint)

TCP-176   Dust (Very Light Gray) (Flat paint)

TCP-177   ART Reefer Yellow

TCP-178   B & O Freight Car Brown

TCP-179   B & O Gray

TCP-180   Union Pacific 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-181   Kansas City Southern 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-182   Atlantic Coast Line 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-183   C & NW 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-184   Frisco 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-185   Central of Georgia 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-186   Louisville & Nashville 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-187   Grand Trunk Western 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-188   M-K-T 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-189   C & EI 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-190   CMO (ask) 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-191   Wabash 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-192   GM & O 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-193   Northern Pacific 1935-45 Frt. Car Brown

TCP-194   Baltimore & Ohio 1947-49 Frt. Car Brown

TCP-195   Colorado & Wyoming All Frt. Car Brown

TCP-196   Canadian National 1945-60’s Frt Car Brown

TCP-197   Rock Island 1930-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-198   Boston & Maine 1929-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-199   Illinois Terminal 1950-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-200   SOO Line 1949-55 Frt. Car Red

TCP-201   Texas & New Orleans 1949-55 Frt. Car Red

TCP-202   Kansas City Southern (Some) 1950-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-203   Maine Central 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-204   Western Pacific 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-205   lllinois Central 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-206   Atlanta Coast Line 1950-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-207   Buffalo Creek All Frt. Car Red

TCP-208   New Haven 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-209   Pennsylvania 1945-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-210   Central New Jersey 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-211   Southern Pacific 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-212   Seaboard Airline 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-213   Milwaukee Road 1930-50’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-214   Great Northern Frt. Car Mineral Red

TCP-215   Erie 1945-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-216   Rio Grande 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-217   Wheeling & Lake Erie 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-218   Bangor & Aroostook 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-219   Chesapeake & Ohio 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-221   New York Central 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-222   Alton Route 1945-49 Frt. Car Red

TCP-223   Monon (CIL or MON) Frt. Car Red

TCP-224   Southern 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-225   Passenger Car Interior Cream

TCP-226   Passenger Car Interior Pink

TCP-227   Passenger Car Interior Light Tan

TCP-228   Passenger Car Interior Light Green

TCP-229   Passenger Car Interior Light Blue

TCP-230   Passenger Car Interior Dark Tan

TCP-231   Passenger Car Interior Dark Green

TCP-232   Central New Jersey Austerity Green

TCP-233   Central New Jersey Deep Sea Green

TCP-234   Indiana Harbor Belt 1940-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-235   Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 1940-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-236   Nashville, Chattannoga & St. Louis 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-237   Reading 1945-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-238   Tennessee Central 1938-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-239   Cotton Belt 1945-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-240   Burlington Freight Car Red – all years – Also applies to Fort Worth & Denver (FW&D) and Colorado Southern (CS)

TCP-241   Burlington Northern Executive Green (Grinstein Green)

TCP-242   Burlington Northern Executive Creme

TCP-243   SOO Line 1940-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-244   Atlantic Coast Line 1935-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-245   Pere Marquette 1933-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-247   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 1940-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-248   Nickel Plate 1938-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-249   Spokane, Portland & Seattle 1946-60’s Freight Car Brown

TCP-250   Lehigh Valley 1935-50’s Freight Car Brown

TCP-251   Santa Fe 1945 Onward Frt. Car Brown

TCP-252   Virginian 1937-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-253   Illinois Terminal Mandarin Orange

TCP-254   Illinois Terminal Terracotta Roof Brown

TCP-255   Santa Fe Heavyweight Green

TCP-256   Light Primer

TCP-257   Platinum Mist (Flat paint)

TCP-258   Northern Pacific Maintenance of Way Orange

TCP-259   EMD (Electro Motive Div.) Metallic Demo Blue

TCP-260   Rock Island Maroon

TCP-261   Rock Island Yellow

TCP-262  Rock Island Red

TCP-263   Atlantic Coast Line Royal Purple

TCP-264   Atlantic Coast Line Caboose Orange

TCP-265   CSX Y2K Blue

TCP-266   CSX Y2K Gray

TCP-267   CSX Y2K Yellow

TCP-268   New York Central Pacemaker Red

TCP-269   New York Central Pacemaker Gray

TCP-270   Delaware & Hudson Passenger Car Blue

TCP-271   Delaware & Hudson Passenger Car Gray

TCP-272   EMD Late Demo Blue

TCP-273   Great Northern Dark Gray

TCP-274   Missouri Pacific Covered Hopper Gray

TCP-275   Chesapeake & Ohio Passenger Car Yellow

TCP-276   Pennsylvania 1948+ Passenger Car Tuscan

TCP-277   Atlantic Coast Line Hopper Beige

TCP-278   Atlantic Coast Line Yellow

TCP-279   Atlantic Coast Line Cement Car Gray

TCP-280   Pacific Fruit Express Orange

TCP-281    M-K-T (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) Maroon

TCP-282   M-K-T (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) Red

TCP-283   Northern Pacific Transport Blue

TCP-284   Northern Pacific Transport Gray

TCP-285   Rio Grande Depot Buff

TCP-286   Armor Sand

TCP-287   Copper

TCP-288   Brass

TCP-289   CSX Yn3 Blue ( Oct., 2015)

TCP-290   CSX Yn3 Yellow  (Oct., 2015)

TCP-291   Texas & Pacific Swamp Holly Orange (Nov., 2015)

TCP-292   Chesapeake & Ohio (C & O) Enchantment Blue (Nov., 2015)

TCP-293   Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C & EI) Late Blue (Dec., 2015)

TCP-294   Swift Reefer Red

TCP-295   Central New Jersey (CNJ) Tangerine (Dec., 2015)

TCP-296   Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Blue

TCP-297   Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Yellow

TCP-298   Long Island Railroad Gray (LIRR) Gray

TCP-299  Kansas City Southern (KCS) – Southern Belle Red

TCP-300  Kansas City Southern (KCS) – Southern Belle Yellow

TCP-301  Kansas City Southern (KCS) Off-White

TCP-302   Kansas City Southern (KCS) Gray

TCP-303   Illinois Terminal Green (For Switchers AND Traction Equipment)

TCP-304   Illinois Terminal Yellow

TCP-305   Chessie Yellow

TCP-306   Chessie Blue

TCP-307   Chessie Red-Orange

TCP-308   Florida East Coast Blue

TCP-309  Florida East Coast Yellow

TCP-310   Retarder

TCP-311   Safety Yellow – For Locomotive Steps & Sidesill, Street/Roadway Marking, etc.)

TCP-312   Union Pacific Maintenance of Way Green

TCP-313   Safety Orange

TCP-314   Seaboard Coast Line Jolly Green

TCP-315   Seaboard Coast Line Yellow

TCP-316   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Red

TCP-317   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Maroon

TCP-318   Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T) Green

TCP-319   Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T) Yellow

TCP-320  Florida East Coast Modern Red

TCP-321  Florida East Coast Modern Yellow

TCP-322  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Green

TCP-323  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Red

TCP-324  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Orange

TCP-325  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Maroon

TCP-326  Safety International Orange

TCP-327  Safety Green

TCP-328 BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) Green – Special Order Only

TCP-329  Burlington Gray 1 – for Red/Gray Diesels

TCP-330  Burlington Gray 2 – For F Units

TCP-331  Burlington Gray 3 For Black/Gray Diesels

TCP-332  CSX Beige (Cream)

TCP-333 Santa Fe Tarpan Gray

TCP-334 Baltimore & Ohio Bando Blue

TCP-335  Norfolk & Western Blue

TCP-336  Louisville & Nashville Freight Car Blue

TCP-337  Seaboard Air Line Mint Green

TCP-338  Seaboard Air Line Dark Green

TCP-339  Chessie – Hopper Yellow

TCP-340  Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Cream

TCP-341  TBA

TCP-342  GE Leasing (GECX) Blue

TCP-343  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Cream – Special Order Only

TCP-344  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Salmon – Special Order Only

TCP-345  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Red – Special Order Only

TCP-346  Southern Pacific Caboose Brown

TCP-347  Engine Black

TCP-348  Weathered Gray Wood 

TCP-349  Seasoned Brown Wood

TCP-350  Natural Wood

TCP-351  Kansas City Southern – Hopper Gray

TCP-352  Wabash Railway Blue

TCP-353  Chicago & Northwestern Early Yellow

TCP-354  Galvanized Steel

TCP-355  Dark Aluminum

TCP-356  Semi-Matte Aluminum

TCP-357  Burnt Iron

TCP-358  TBA

TCP-359  TBA

TCP-360  TBA

TCP-361  TBA

TCP-362  TBA

Color Chart Database






TCP-800 Through TCP-860 (Use With Paint Brush) – Can be Thinned with TCP-015

1 OZ. BOTTLE $  6.19

2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 11.25

TCP-800 through TCP-821

TCP-800 Flat White

TCP-801 Flat Concrete

TCP-802 Flat Dark Gray

TCP-803 Flat Light Gray

TCP-804 Flat Grimy Black

TCP-805 Flat Black

TCP-806 Flat Brown (use for Railroad Tie Brown)

TCP-807 Flat Red (also use for Signal Red)

TCP-808 Flat Yellow

TCP-809 Flat Dark Green

TCP-810 Flat Light Green

TCP-811 Flat Aluminum

TCP-812 Flat Rust

TCP-813 Flat Dark Blue

TCP-814 Flat Orange

TCP-815 Flat Oxide Brown

TCP-816 Flat Stucco Gray

TCP-817 Flat Off-White

TCP-818 Flat Light Tan (also a nice stucco or cinderblock color)

TCP-819 Flat Dark Tan (also a nice stucco or cinderblock color)

TCP-820 Flat Light Blue
TCP-821 Flat Brick Red

TCP-822 Flat Railroad Tie Brown

TCP-823 Flat Roof Brown

TCP-824 Flat Earth

TCP-825 Flat Mud

TCP-826 Flat Pullman Green

TCP-827  Flat Dust

TCP-828  Flat Imitation Aluminum

TCP-829  Flat Sand

TCP-830  Flat Rail Brown

TCP-831  Flat Window Trim Brown

TCP-832  Flat Depot Buff

TCP-833  Flat Foundation

TCP-834  Flat Santa Fe Blue

TCP-835  Flat Santa Fe Yellow

TCP-836  Flat Santa Fe Red

TCP-837  Flat Pennsylvania Brunswick Green

TCP-838  Flat Great Northern Empire Builder Orange

TCP-839  Flat Great Northern Empire Builder Green

TCP-840  Flesh (Flat)

TCP-841  Flat Reefer Yellow

TCP-842  Flat Reefer Orange

TCP-843  Flat Union Pacific Harbor Mist Gray

TCP-844  Flat Union Pacific Armour Yellow

 TCP-845  Flat Rio Grande Aspen Gold

TCP-846  Flat Rio Grande Orange

TCP-847  Brushable Brass (Not Flat)

TCP-848  Brushable Copper (Not Flat)

TCP-849   Flat U.S. Army Green

TCP-850  Flat Safety Yellow

TCP-851  Flat Engine Black

TCP-852  Flat Canadian National Yellow (Feb. 2017)

TCP-853  Flat Canadian National Orange (March 2017)

TCP-854  Flat Canadian National Green (April 2017)

TCP-855  Flat Weathered Gray Wood (May 2017)

TCP-856  Flat Seasoned Brown Wood (June 2017)

TCP-857  Flat Natural Wood (July 2017)

TCP-858  Flat Delaware & Hudson Blue

TCP-859  Flat Grand Trunk Western Blue

TCP-860  Flat Medium Flesh

TCP-861   Flat Light Mocha Flesh

TCP-862  Flat Dark Mocha Flesh

TCP-863  Flat Tan Flesh

TCP-864  Flat Mediterranean Flesh (March, 2018)

TCP-865  Flat Native American Flesh (March 2018)

TCP-866  Flat Umber (April, 2018)

TCP-867  Flat Blackened Umber (April, 2018)

TCP-868  Flat Rusted Umber (May, 2018)

TCP-869  Flat Ash

TCP-870  Flat Dark Mud

TCP-871  Flat Red Mud (May, 2018)

TCP-872  Flat Aged Rust

TCP-873  Flat North European Dust (June, 2018)

TCP-874  Flat East European Dust

TCP-875  Flat Light Wooden Rifle Stock Brown (July, 2018)

TCP-876  Flat Dark Wooden Rifle Stock Brown (July, 2018)

TCP-877  Flat Warm Leather (August, 2018)

TCP-878  Flat Brown Leather (August, 2018)

TCP-879  Flat Yellow Ochre Leather (Sept., 2018)

TCP-880  Flat Chocolate Brown (Sept., 2018)

TCP-881  Flat Lime Green Stain