TCP-005 to TCP-499

1 OZ. $ 5.69

2 OZ. $ 10.25

TCP-800 to TCP-899

1 OZ. $ 6.19

2 OZ. $ 11.25

Shipping options that you’ll need:

1-10  1 ounce Bottles to anywhere in U.S. via priority mail  is $ 9.50 flat rate.

11 -24  1 ounce or for 8 to 16  2 oz. bottles, $ 14.50 to anywhere in continental  U.S.

OUTSIDE of U.S. – Varies on country and quantity ordered, please email.

order form- railroad only order form


railroad structure & brushables combined




TCP-005 Through TCP-369 (Air Brush Ready)

1 OZ. BOTTLE $ 5.69
2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 10.25
16 OZ. BOTTLE – THINNER $ 42.95
16 OZ. BOTTLE – PAINT $ 80.95

TCP-005 through TCP-369

Solvent Based Paint

TCP-005 White

TCP-006 Concrete

TCP-007 Primer

TCP-008 Graphite

TCP-009 Grimy Black

TCP-010 Black

TCP-011 Boxcar Brown

TCP-012 Chinese Red

TCP-013 Aluminum

TCP-014 Satin

TCP-015 Thinner

TCP-017 Flat

TCP-018 Gloss

TCP-019 Santa Fe Brown

TCP-020 Santa Fe Blue

TCP-021 Santa Fe Yellow

TCP-022 Santa Fe Red

TCP-023  CP Rail Action Green

TCP-024  CP Rail Action Red

TCP-025  Union Pacific Armour Mist Grey

TCP-026  Union Pacific Armour Yellow

TCP-027   Delaware & Hudson Blue

TCP-028   Delaware & Hudson Yellow

TCP-029   Delaware & Hudson Grey

TCP-031   Boston & Maine Blue

TCP-032   Canadian National Orange

TCP-033   Canadian National Yellow

TCP-034   Canadian National Green

TCP-035   Canadian National Red/Orange

TCP-036  New Haven Warm Orange

TCP-037  New Haven Hunter’s Green

TCP-038  New Haven 401 Green

TCP-039  New Haven Socony Red

TCP-040  New Haven Red/Orange

TCP-041  Guilford Grey

TCP-042  Guilford Orange

TCP-043   New York Central Jade Green

TCP-044   Penn Central Green

TCP-045  Rio Grande Aspen Gold

TCP-046  Rio Grande Orange

TCP-047   SP&S Green

TCP-048   SP&S Yellow

TCP-049  Great Northern Empire Builder Green

TCP-050  Great Northern Empire Builder Orange

TCP-051  Great Northern Big Sky Blue

TCP-052  Caboose Red

TCP-053  Tuscan Red

TCP-054  Pullman Green

TCP-055  SOO Line Red

TCP-056  Conrail Blue

TCP-057  Northern Pacific Dark Green

TCP-058  Northern Pacific Light Green

TCP-059  Alaska Blue

TCP-060  Alaska Yellow

TCP-061  BNSF Orange

TCP-062  BNSF Green

TCP-063    Boston & Maine Maroon

TCP-065  Southern Pacific Lark Dark Grey

TCP-066  Southern Pacific Scarlet Red

TCP-067  Burlington Northern Cascade Green

TCP-068    Northern Pacific Yellow

TCP-069    Reefer Yellow

TCP-070    Reefer Orange

TCP-071     C&O/B&O Yellow

TCP-072     C&O/B&O Blue

TCP-073  Western Pacific New Orange

TCP-074  Western Pacific Green

TCP-075  Pennsylvania Brunswick Green

TCP-076  Rust

TCP-077  Silver

TCP-078    REA Green

TCP-079    Vermillion

TCP-080   Imitation Aluminum

TCP-081   Railbox Yellow

TCP-082   Rich Oxide Brown

TCP-083   Lehigh Valley Cornell Red

TCP-084   Maersk Sealand Blue

TCP-085   Gold

TCP-086   Burlington Red

TCP-087   Bangor & Aroostook Blue

TCP-088   Engine Maroon

TCP-089   Light Imitation Gold

TCP-090   Vermont Red

TCP-091   United States Army Green

TCP-092   United States Navy Blue

TCP-093   Oxide Brown

TCP-094   VIA Rail Gray

TCP-095   VIA Rail Blue

TCP-096   VIA Rail Yellow

TCP-097   Montana Rail Link Gray

TCP-098   Montana Rail Link Blue

TCP-099   Western Maryland Brown

TCP-100   Rock Island Green

TCP-101   Georgia Pacific Blue

TCP-102   Maine Central Pine Green

TCP-103   Maine Central Harvest Yellow

TCP-104   Vermont Green

TCP-105   Grand Trunk Western Blue

TCP-106   Southern Pacific Daylight Red

TCP-107   Southern Pacific Daylight Orange

TCP-108   Chicago & North Western Yellow

TCP-109   Chicago & North Western Green

TCP-110   Milwaukee Road Maroon

TCP-111   Milwaukee Road Orange

TCP-112   CP Rail Action Yellow

TCP-113   Canadian Pacific Tuscan

TCP-114   Gennessee & Wyoming Yellow

TCP-115   Gennessee & Wyoming Orange

TCP-116   Wisconsin Central Gold

TCP-117   Wisconsin Central Maroon

TCP-118   Providence & Worcester Brown

TCP-119   Providence & Worcester Orange

TCP-120   Missouri Pacific Jenks Blue

TCP-121   Missouri Pacific Eagle Gray

TCP-122   Missouri Pacific Eagle Blue

TCP-123 Missouri Pacific Eagle Yellow

TCP-124   BC Rail Light Green

TCP-125   BC Rail Dark Green

TCP-126   BC Rail Red

TCP-127   BC Rail Blue

TCP-128   Southern Green

TCP-129   New York Central Light Gray

TCP-130   New York Central Dark Gray

TCP-131   Pennsylvania Maroon ( Oct. 2012)

TCP-132   Chicago Great Western Maroon (Nov. 2012)

TCP-133   Reading Green

TCP-134   Southern Pacific Light Gray

TCP-135   Southern Pacific Olive Green

TCP-136   Canadian National Lettering Gray (Oct. 2012)

TCP-137   Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern / Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Blue (DM & E / ICE)

TCP-138   Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern / Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Yellow (DM & E / ICE)

TCP-139   Missouri Pacific Boxcar Red

TCP-140   Chicago & Northwestern Zito Yellow

TCP-141   Erie Green

TCP-142   Erie-Lackawanna Gray

TCP-143   Erie-Lackawanna Maroon

TCP-144   Erie-Lackawanna Yellow

TCP-145   Northern Pacific 1947 Passenger Dark Green (Pine Tree or Butterknife Scheme)

TCP-146   Northern Pacific 1947 Passenger LightGreen (Pine Tree or Butterknife Scheme)

TCP-147   Chicago & Eastern Illinois Early Blue

TCP-148   Chicago & Eastern Illinois Orange

TCP-149   Fort Worth & Western Blue

TCP-150   Fort Worth & Western Yellow

TCP-151   U. S. Navy Battleship Gray

TCP-152   U. S. Army Desert Camouflage

TCP-153   Southern Pacific Colonial Yellow – Depot Color

TCP-154   Southern Pacific Moss Green- Depot Color

TCP-155   Great Northern Glacier Green

TCP-156   Western Fruit Express Yellow

TCP-157   SOO Line Off White

TCP-158   Canadian Pacific Gray

TCP-159   Louisville & Nashville Blue

TCP-160   Louisville & Nashville Gray

TCP-161   Louisville & Nashville Yellow

TCP-162   Milwaukee Road Hopper Yellow

TCP-163   Southern Pacific Depot Trim Brown

TCP-164   Erie Gray-Green

TCP-165   Illinois Central Brown

TCP-166   Rock Island Blue

TCP-167   Illinois Central Orange

TCP-168   Iron Oxide

TCP-169   Pan Am Blue

TCP-170   MBTA (Mass. Bay Trans. Authority) Purple

TCP-171   Weathered Black (Flat paint)

TCP-172   Weathered Concrete – Aged Concrete (Flat paint)

TCP-173   Weathered Iron Oxide (Dark Rust) (Flat paint)

TCP-174   Grime (Flat paint)

TCP-175   Sulfur (Sulphur) (Flat paint)

TCP-176   Dust (Very Light Gray) (Flat paint)

TCP-177   ART Reefer Yellow

TCP-178   B & O Freight Car Brown

TCP-179   B & O Gray

TCP-180   Union Pacific 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-181   Kansas City Southern 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-182   Atlantic Coast Line 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-183   C & NW 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-184   Frisco 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-185   Central of Georgia 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-186   Louisville & Nashville 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-187   Grand Trunk Western 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-188   M-K-T 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-189   C & EI 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-190   CMO (ask) 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-191   Wabash 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-192   GM & O 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-193   Northern Pacific 1935-45 Frt. Car Brown

TCP-194   Baltimore & Ohio 1947-49 Frt. Car Brown

TCP-195   Colorado & Wyoming All Frt. Car Brown

TCP-196   Canadian National 1945-60’s Frt Car Brown

TCP-197   Rock Island 1930-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-198   Boston & Maine 1929-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-199   Illinois Terminal 1950-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-200   SOO Line 1949-55 Frt. Car Red

TCP-201   Texas & New Orleans 1949-55 Frt. Car Red

TCP-202   Kansas City Southern (Some) 1950-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-203   Maine Central 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-204   Western Pacific 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-205   lllinois Central 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-206   Atlanta Coast Line 1950-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-207   Buffalo Creek All Frt. Car Red

TCP-208   New Haven 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-209   Pennsylvania 1945-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-210   Central New Jersey 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-211   Southern Pacific 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-212   Seaboard Airline 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-213   Milwaukee Road 1930-50’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-214   Great Northern Frt. Car Mineral Red

TCP-215   Erie 1945-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-216   Rio Grande 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-217   Wheeling & Lake Erie 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-218   Bangor & Aroostook 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-219   Chesapeake & Ohio 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-221   New York Central 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-222   Alton Route 1945-49 Frt. Car Red

TCP-223   Monon (CIL or MON) Frt. Car Red

TCP-224   Southern 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red

TCP-225   Passenger Car Interior Cream

TCP-226   Passenger Car Interior Pink

TCP-227   Passenger Car Interior Light Tan

TCP-228   Passenger Car Interior Light Green

TCP-229   Passenger Car Interior Light Blue

TCP-230   Passenger Car Interior Dark Tan

TCP-231   Passenger Car Interior Dark Green

TCP-232   Central New Jersey Austerity Green

TCP-233   Central New Jersey Deep Sea Green

TCP-234   Indiana Harbor Belt 1940-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-235   Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 1940-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-236   Nashville, Chattannoga & St. Louis 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-237   Reading 1945-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-238   Tennessee Central 1938-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-239   Cotton Belt 1945-60’s Freight Car Red

TCP-240   Burlington Freight Car Red – all years – Also applies to Fort Worth & Denver (FW&D) and Colorado Southern (CS)

TCP-241   Burlington Northern Executive Green (Grinstein Green)

TCP-242   Burlington Northern Executive Creme

TCP-243   SOO Line 1940-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-244   Atlantic Coast Line 1935-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-245   Pere Marquette 1933-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-247   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 1940-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-248   Nickel Plate 1938-50’s Freight Car Red

TCP-249   Spokane, Portland & Seattle 1946-60’s Freight Car Brown

TCP-250   Lehigh Valley 1935-50’s Freight Car Brown

TCP-251   Santa Fe 1945 Onward Frt. Car Brown

TCP-252   Virginian 1937-60’s Frt. Car Brown

TCP-253   Illinois Terminal Mandarin Orange

TCP-254   Illinois Terminal Terracotta Roof Brown

TCP-255   Santa Fe Heavyweight Green

TCP-256   Light Primer

TCP-257   Platinum Mist (Flat paint)

TCP-258   Northern Pacific Maintenance of Way Orange

TCP-259   EMD (Electro Motive Div.) Metallic Demo Blue

TCP-260   Rock Island Maroon

TCP-261   Rock Island Yellow

TCP-262  Rock Island Red

TCP-263   Atlantic Coast Line Royal Purple

TCP-264   Atlantic Coast Line Caboose Orange

TCP-265   CSX Y2K Blue

TCP-266   CSX Y2K Gray

TCP-267   CSX Y2K Yellow

TCP-268   New York Central Pacemaker Red

TCP-269   New York Central Pacemaker Gray

TCP-270   Delaware & Hudson Passenger Car Blue

TCP-271   Delaware & Hudson Passenger Car Gray

TCP-272   EMD Late Demo Blue

TCP-273   Great Northern Dark Gray

TCP-274   Missouri Pacific Covered Hopper Gray

TCP-275   Chesapeake & Ohio Passenger Car Yellow

TCP-276   Pennsylvania 1948+ Passenger Car Tuscan

TCP-277   Atlantic Coast Line Hopper Beige

TCP-278   Atlantic Coast Line Yellow

TCP-279   Atlantic Coast Line Cement Car Gray

TCP-280   Pacific Fruit Express Orange

TCP-281    M-K-T (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) Maroon

TCP-282   M-K-T (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) Red

TCP-283   Northern Pacific Transport Blue

TCP-284   Northern Pacific Transport Gray

TCP-285   Rio Grande Depot Buff

TCP-286   Armor Sand

TCP-287   Copper

TCP-288   Brass

TCP-289   CSX Yn3 Blue ( Oct., 2015)

TCP-290   CSX Yn3 Yellow  (Oct., 2015)

TCP-291   Texas & Pacific Swamp Holly Orange (Nov., 2015)

TCP-292   Chesapeake & Ohio (C & O) Enchantment Blue (Nov., 2015)

TCP-293   Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C & EI) Late Blue (Dec., 2015)

TCP-294   Swift Reefer Red

TCP-295   Central New Jersey (CNJ) Tangerine (Dec., 2015)

TCP-296   Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Blue

TCP-297   Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Yellow

TCP-298   Long Island Railroad Gray (LIRR) Gray

TCP-299  Kansas City Southern (KCS) – Southern Belle Red

TCP-300  Kansas City Southern (KCS) – Southern Belle Yellow

TCP-301  Kansas City Southern (KCS) Off-White

TCP-302   Kansas City Southern (KCS) Gray

TCP-303   Illinois Terminal Green (For Switchers AND Traction Equipment)

TCP-304   Illinois Terminal Yellow

TCP-305   Chessie Yellow

TCP-306   Chessie Blue

TCP-307   Chessie Red-Orange

TCP-308   Florida East Coast Blue

TCP-309  Florida East Coast Yellow

TCP-310   Retarder

TCP-311   Safety Yellow – For Locomotive Steps & Sidesill, Street/Roadway Marking, etc.)

TCP-312   Union Pacific Maintenance of Way Green

TCP-313   Safety Orange

TCP-314   Seaboard Coast Line Jolly Green

TCP-315   Seaboard Coast Line Yellow

TCP-316   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Red

TCP-317   Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Maroon

TCP-318   Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T) Green

TCP-319   Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T) Yellow

TCP-320  Florida East Coast Modern Red

TCP-321  Florida East Coast Modern Yellow

TCP-322  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Green

TCP-323  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Red

TCP-324  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Orange

TCP-325  Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee (CNS&M) Maroon

TCP-326  Safety International Orange

TCP-327  Safety Green

TCP-328 BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) Green – Special Order Only

TCP-329  Burlington Gray 1 – for Red/Gray Diesels

TCP-330  Burlington Gray 2 – For F Units

TCP-331  Burlington Gray 3 For Black/Gray Diesels

TCP-332  CSX Beige (Cream)

TCP-333 Santa Fe Tarpan Gray

TCP-334 Baltimore & Ohio Bando Blue

TCP-335  Norfolk & Western Blue

TCP-336  Louisville & Nashville Freight Car Blue

TCP-337  Seaboard Air Line Mint Green

TCP-338  Seaboard Air Line Dark Green

TCP-339  Chessie – Hopper Yellow

TCP-340  Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Cream

TCP-341  TBA

TCP-342  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Cream – Special Order Only

TCP-343  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Salmon – Special Order Only

TCP-344  Brooklyn & Queens Transit Red – Special Order Only

TCP-345   General Electric (GECX Leasing) Blue

TCP-346  Southern Pacific Caboose Brown

TCP-347  Engine Black

TCP-348  Weathered Gray Wood 

TCP-349  Seasoned Brown Wood

TCP-350  Natural Wood

TCP-351  Kansas City Southern – Hopper Gray

TCP-352  Wabash Railway Blue

TCP-353  Chicago & Northwestern Early Yellow

TCP-354  Galvanized Steel

TCP-355  Dark Aluminum

TCP-356  Semi-Matte Aluminum

TCP-357  Burnt Iron

TCP-358  Union Pacific – Leaf Brown

TCP-359  Weathered White

TCP-360  Metra Commuter North – Blue

TCP-361  Metra Commuter North – Red

TCP-362   Reading Yellow

TCP-363  Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Blue

TCP-364  Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Gray

TCP-365  Nickel Plate Raod Blue

TCP-366  Illinois Terminal Brewster Green

TCP-367  Norfolk & Western Late Passenger Car Maroon

TCP-368   Milwaukee Road Caboose Orange

TCP-369   Light Pink Primer



















Color Chart Database






TCP-800 Through TCP-860 (Use With Paint Brush) – Can be Thinned with TCP-015

1 OZ. BOTTLE $  6.19

2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 11.25

TCP-800 through TCP-821

TCP-800 Flat White

TCP-801 Flat Concrete

TCP-802 Flat Dark Gray

TCP-803 Flat Light Gray

TCP-804 Flat Grimy Black

TCP-805 Flat Black

TCP-806 Flat Brown (use for Railroad Tie Brown)

TCP-807 Flat Red (also use for Signal Red)

TCP-808 Flat Yellow

TCP-809 Flat Dark Green

TCP-810 Flat Light Green

TCP-811 Flat Aluminum

TCP-812 Flat Rust

TCP-813 Flat Dark Blue

TCP-814 Flat Orange

TCP-815 Flat Oxide Brown

TCP-816 Flat Stucco Gray

TCP-817 Flat Off-White

TCP-818 Flat Light Tan (also a nice stucco or cinderblock color)

TCP-819 Flat Dark Tan (also a nice stucco or cinderblock color)

TCP-820 Flat Light Blue
TCP-821 Flat Brick Red

TCP-822 Flat Railroad Tie Brown

TCP-823 Flat Roof Brown

TCP-824 Flat Earth

TCP-825 Flat Mud

TCP-826 Flat Pullman Green

TCP-827  Flat Dust

TCP-828  Flat Imitation Aluminum

TCP-829  Flat Sand

TCP-830  Flat Rail Brown

TCP-831  Flat Window Trim Brown

TCP-832  Flat Depot Buff

TCP-833  Flat Foundation

TCP-834  Flat Santa Fe Blue

TCP-835  Flat Santa Fe Yellow

TCP-836  Flat Santa Fe Red

TCP-837  Flat Pennsylvania Brunswick Green

TCP-838  Flat Great Northern Empire Builder Orange

TCP-839  Flat Great Northern Empire Builder Green

TCP-840  Flesh (Flat)

TCP-841  Flat Reefer Yellow

TCP-842  Flat Reefer Orange

TCP-843  Flat Union Pacific Harbor Mist Gray

TCP-844  Flat Union Pacific Armour Yellow

 TCP-845  Flat Rio Grande Aspen Gold

TCP-846  Flat Rio Grande Orange

TCP-847  Brushable Brass (Not Flat)

TCP-848  Brushable Copper (Not Flat)

TCP-849   Flat U.S. Army Green

TCP-850  Flat Safety Yellow

TCP-851  Flat Engine Black

TCP-852  Flat Canadian National Yellow (Feb. 2017)

TCP-853  Flat Canadian National Orange (March 2017)

TCP-854  Flat Canadian National Green (April 2017)

TCP-855  Flat Weathered Gray Wood (May 2017)

TCP-856  Flat Seasoned Brown Wood (June 2017)

TCP-857  Flat Natural Wood (July 2017)

TCP-858  Flat Delaware & Hudson Blue

TCP-859  Flat Grand Trunk Western Blue

TCP-860  Flat Medium Flesh

TCP-861   Flat Light Mocha Flesh

TCP-862  Flat Dark Mocha Flesh

TCP-863  Flat Tan Flesh

TCP-864  Flat Mediterranean Flesh (March, 2018)

TCP-865  Flat Native American Flesh (March 2018)

TCP-866  Flat Umber (April, 2018)

TCP-867  Flat Blackened Umber (April, 2018)

TCP-868  Flat Rusted Umber (May, 2018)

TCP-869  Flat Ash

TCP-870  Flat Dark Mud

TCP-871  Flat Red Mud (May, 2018)

TCP-872  Flat Aged Rust

TCP-873  Flat North European Dust (June, 2018)

TCP-874  Flat East European Dust

TCP-875  Flat Light Wooden Rifle Stock Brown (July, 2018)

TCP-876  Flat Dark Wooden Rifle Stock Brown (July, 2018)

TCP-877  Flat Warm Leather (August, 2018)

TCP-878  Flat Brown Leather (August, 2018)

TCP-879  Flat Yellow Ochre Leather (Sept., 2018)

TCP-880  Flat Chocolate Brown (Sept., 2018)

TCP-881  Flat Lime Green Stain