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Military Ships TCP-1000 to TCP-1199 Series


In 2017 Tru-Color Paint started to release a large variety of paints for military ships. These paints cover the period from the 1930’s to the modern era and include nearly every color used by the U.S. Navy from 1939 through 1946 in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters of Operation. Imperial Japanese Naval (IJN) colors (10 most common colors) will be released over 3 months starting in February, 2018. The Kreigsmarine (German) Navy will be added in 2019.  All of the naval colors, regardless of country on whose ships the colors were used, fall into the TCP-1000 to TCP-1199 series of paints.

Many camouflage colors were developed throughout these years (and even during WWI) by the U.S., British, Japanese and German Navies to help “hide” the ships from submarines and air planes. Many “dazzle” patterns were developed by these navies in an attempt to “fool” enemy ships. These schemes changed over time. In the Pacific Theater both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps were more concerned with landing craft, PT boat and other small craft camouflage used in landings and support roles.
Nearly all of the paints developed in this section of the military product line were matched to color chips supplied by Snyder and Short. We are grateful to Randy Short for supplying the mounted color chips as well as additional chips and information not part of the charts. For modern ship colors Federal Standard 595B or 595C color chips (as appropriate) were used in matching the paint. Several colors were developed with help from experts in their field.

All of the paints in the TCP-1000 to TCP-1199 series are designed to be air brushed directly from the bottle with little or no thinning at 28-35 PSI. If thinning is wanted, we recommend that the modeler use TCP-015, Thinner, or TCP-310, Retarder, as they will not affect the intended finish or drying time of the paint. The finish will be what the color chip it was matched to calls for.
By February 2018 nearly all of the Atlantic Theater U.S. Naval colors will be released (TCP-1000 to TCP-1022) as well as all of the modern colors, TCP-1042 to TCP-1045). The many Greens and Browns used in the Pacific Theater will start shipping in March 2018. The ten (10) primary colors used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) will start shipping in February, 2018. Note that the Japanese Navy did not camouflage many of their ships.
No dates have been set for the start of the Royal Navy colors used in WWII, although some of the colors have already been matched in our modern laboratory to color charts supplied by Snyder and Short.

All of the Tru-Color Paint colors manufactured in the above series are available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. size bottles from your favorite hobby shop, online store and from us directly. A complete listing plus an order form is part of this section for your use. If you have any questions regarding these products, or anything else about Tru-Color Paint, please do not hesitate to ask or consult the FAQ section on this website. As with all Tru-Color Paint products the entire military series is manufactured and stocked in Phoenix, AZ.

We look forward to serving the paint needs of the military modeler.

         NAVAL SHIPS


TCP-1000    Norfolk 65-A, Antifouling Red

TCP-1001    Dull Black, #82

TCP-1002    Navy Gray, #5- 1939

TCP-1003    5-H Haze Gray

TCP-1004    White 5-U

TCP-1005    Light Gray 5-L, Early 1941

TCP-1006    5-O Ocean Gray, Late 1941

TCP-1007    Navy Blue, 5-N

TCP-1008    5-S Sea Blue, Version C

TCP-1009    Mahogany

TCP-1010    Deck Blue 20-B, 1942-1945

TCP-1011    Cavite Blue

TCP-1012    5-P Pale Gray, 1943

TCP-1013    5-L Light Gray, 1943

TCP-1014    Polished Bronze

TCP-1015    Boot Black

TCP-1016    5-B Thayer Blue, 1941

TCP-1017    Deck Blue 20-B, 1941

TCP-1018    5-O Ocean Gray, 1941

TCP-1019    Flight Deck Stain 21

TCP-1020    #20 Standard Deck Gray- 1939

TCP-1021    5-D Dark Gray

TCP-1022    Norfolk 250N, Flight Deck Stain- 1941

TCP-1023    Navy Brown 1-A, 1942

TCP-1024    Mountbatten Pink

TCP-1025    Navy Brown 2-A, 1942

TCP-1026    Navy Brown 3-A, 1942

TCP-1027    Navy Brown 4-A, 1942

TCP-1028    Navy Green 1-A, 1942

TCP-1029    Navy Green 2-A, 1942

TCP-1030    Navy Green 3-A, 1942

TCP-1031    Navy Green 4-A, 1942

TCP-1032    Green #1, 1944

TCP-1033    Green #2, 1944

TCP-1034    Green #3, 1944

TCP-1035    #4 Brown, 1944

TCP-1036    5-HG Haze Green, 1943

TCP-1037    5-NG Navy Green, 1943

TCP-1038    5-OG Ocean Green, Early 1943

TCP-1039    5-LG Light Green, 1943 Revision

TCP-1040    5-NG Navy Green, 1943 Revision

TCP-1041    20-G Deck Green

TCP-1042    FS-36270, Modern Haze Gray

TCP-1043    FS-36173, Ocean Gray- NAVSEA

TCP-1044    Flight Deck Gray

TCP-1045    FS-26008, Deck Gray

TCP-1047    FS-11105, Coast Guard Antifouling Red, 2015+ (April, 2020)

TCP-1048    FS-11350, USN Modern Antifouling Red, 2011+ (April, 2020)

TCP-1089    5-OG Ocean Green, Revision 1943

TCP-1090    5-PG Pale Green, Revision 1943

TCP-1091    5-HG Haze Green, Revision 1943

TCP-1092    #37 Light Gray 5-L, 1944-1945

TCP-1093    #27 Haze Gray 5-H, 1944-1945

TCP-1094    #17 Ocean Gray, 1944-1945

TCP-1095    #11 Outside Gray, 1944-1945

TCP-1096    #46 Outside Gray, 1944-1945

TCP-1097    5-S Sea Blue, Version A

TCP-1098    #7, Navy Gray, 5-N


TCP-1052    Pink

TCP-1053    Western Approaches Blue- 1941

TCP-1054    Western Approaches Green- 194

TCP-1055    Semtex Cream- 1939-1941

TCP-1056    Corticene- 1939-1941

TCP-1057    G5- 1942+

TCP-1058    G10- 1942+

TCP-1059    G20- 1942+

TCP-1060    G45- 1942+

TCP-1061    B15- 1942+

TCP-1062    B20- 1942+

TCP-1063    B30- 1942+

TCP-1064    B55- 1942+

TCP-1065    Semtex Green- 1939-1941

TCP-1066    RN 507A- Dark Grey, 1920-1941 (January, 2021)

TCP-1067    RN 507B- Medium Grey, 1920-1941 (January, 2021)

TCP-1068    RN 507C- Light Grey, 1920-1941 (January, 2021)

TCP-1070    B-5- Pale Grey, 1941 (January, 2021)

            JAPANESE NAVY

TCP-1106    Sasebo Arsenal Gray A

TCP-1107    Kure Arsenal Gray A

TCP-1108    Maizuru Arsenal Gray A

TCP-1109    Yokosuka Arsenal Gray A

TCP-1110    Type 1 Camouflage Green

TCP-1111    Type 2 Camouflage Green

TCP-1112    Deck Tan

TCP-1113    Type 21 Camouflage Green

TCP-1114    Type 22 Camouflage Green A

TCP-1115    Linoleum


TCP-1117    RAL 7037 Dunkelgraǔ

TCP-1118    RAL 7038 Hellgraǔ

TCP-1119    Mittelgraǔ (Medium Gray)

TCP-1120    RAL 8013 Schiffsböden Farbe Rot #5

TCP-1121    Silbergraǔ (Silver-Gray)

TCP-1122    Hellgraŭ #51