Sorted Database of All Colors

Following table shows ALL of the colors currently available from Tru-Color Paint alphabetized by railroad. Mush easier to find the paint you need for your projects! All of the generix colors are at the end of the database. Generic colors would be colors like white, black, etc. 

NOTE: You may COPY this listing and use it as an ORDER FORM for your purchasing Tru-Color Paint directly from us.




59 Alaska Railroad ARR Blue Current
60 Alaska Railroad ARR Yellow Current
222 Alton Route GM&O 1945-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
177 American Refrigerated Transit ART Reefer Yellow – All Years Current
182 Atlantic Coast Line ACL 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
206 Atlantic Coast Line ACL 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
178 Baltimore & Ohio C&O/B&O Frt. Car Brown Current
179 Baltimore & Ohio C&O/B&O Gray Current
194 Baltimore & Ohio C&O/B&O 1947-49 Frt. Car Brown Current
87 Bangor and Aroostook BAR Blue Current
218 Bangor and Aroostook BAR 1900-50’s Frt. Car Red December, 2013
31 Boston & Maine B&M Blue Current
63 Boston & Maine B&M Maroon Current
198 Boston & Maine B&M 1925-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
124 British Columbia Rail BCR Light Green Current
125 British Columbia Rail BCR Dark Green Current
126 British Columbia Rail BCR Red Current
127 British Columbia Rail BCR Blue Current
207 Buffalo Creek BCK Frt. Car Red, ALL Current
86 Burlington CB&Q Red Current
240 Burlington CB&Q 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown August, 2014
67 Burlington Northern BN Cascade Green Current
61 Burlington Northern-Santa Fe BNSF Orange Current
62 Burlington Northern-Santa Fe BNSF Green Current
32 Canadian National CN Orange Current
33 Canadian National CN Yellow Current
34 Canadian National CN Green Current
35 Canadian National CN Red-Orange Current
136 Canadian National CN Lettering Gray Current
196 Canadian National CN 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
23 Canadian Pacific CP Action Green Current
24 Canadian Pacific CP Action Red Current
112 Canadian Pacific CP Action Yellow Current
113 Canadian Pacific CP Tuscan Current
158 Canadian Pacific CP Gray Current
210 Central New Jersey CNJ 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
185 Central of Georgia C of G 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
132 CGW-Soo Line CGW Maroon Current
219 Chesepeake & Ohio C&O/B&O 1945-50’s Frt. Car Red December, 2013
71 Chesepeake & Ohio/Baltimore & Ohio C&O/B&O Yellow Current
72 Chesepeake & Ohio/Baltimore & Ohio C&O/B&O Blue Current
147 Chicago & Eastern Illinois C&EI Early Blue Current
148 Chicago & Eastern Illinois C&EI Orange Current
189 Chicago & Eastern Illinois C&EI 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
108 Chicago & North Western C&NW Yellow Current
109 Chicago & North Western C&NW Green Current
140 Chicago & North Western C&NW Zito Yellow Current
183 Chicago & North Western C&NW 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
190 Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha CStPM&O 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
242 Colorado & Southern C&S 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown Sept., 2014
195 Colorado & Wyoming C&W Frt. Car Red Current
56 Conrail n/a Blue Current
239 Cotton Belt SSW 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red July, 2014
27 Delaware & Hudson D&H Blue Current
28 Delaware & Hudson D&H Yellow Current
29 Delaware & Hudson D&H Gray Current
137 Duluth, Minnesota & Eastern DM&E Blue Current
138 Duluth, Minnesota & Eastern DM&E Yellow Current
215 Erie EL 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
141 Erie-Lackawanna EL Green Current
142 Erie-Lackawanna EL Gray Current
143 Erie-Lackawanna EL Maroon Current
144 Erie-Lackawanna EL Yellow Current
164 Erie-Lackawanna EL Grey-Green Current
241 Fort Worth & Denver FW&D 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown August, 2014
149 Fort Worth & Western FW&W Blue Current
150 Fort Worth & Western FW&W Yellow Current
184 Frisco SLSF 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
114 Genesee & Wyoming G&W Yellow Current
115 Genesee & Wyoming G&W Orange Current
101 Georgia Pacific n/a Blue Current
105 Grand Trunk Western GTW Blue Current
187 Grand Trunk Western GTW 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
49 Great Northern GN Empire Builder Green Current
50 Great Northern GN Empire Builder Orange Current
51 Great Northern GN Big Sky Blue Current
155 Great Northern GN Glacier Green Current
214 Great Northern GN 1930-45 Frt. Car Red Current
41 Guilford GUIL Gray Current
42 Guilford GUIL Orange Current
192 Gulf, Mobile and Ohio GM&O 1944+ Frt. Car Brown Current
165 Illinois Central IC Brown Current
167 Illinois Central IC Orange Current
205 Illinois Central IC 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
199 Illinois Terminal IT 1944-50’s Frt. Car Brown Current
253 Illinois Terminal IT Mandarin Orange Feb., 2014
254 Illinois Terminal IT Terracotta Feb., 2014
234 Indiana Harbor Belt IHB 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red March, 2014
181 Kansas City Southern KCS 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
202 Kansas City Southern KCS 1950-60’s’s Frt. Car Red Current
83 Lehigh Valley LV Cornell Red Current
250 Lehigh Valley LV 1935-50’s Frt. Car Brown Current
159 Louisville & Nashville L&N Blue December, 2013
160 Louisville & Nashville L&N Gray December, 2013
161 Louisville & Nashville L&N Yellow December, 2013
186 Louisville & Nashville L&N 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
84 Maersk-Sealand n/a Blue Current
102 Maine Central MEC Pine Green Current
103 Maine Central MEC Harvest Yellow Current
203 Maine Central MEC 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
170 MBTA MBTA Purple Current
110 Milwaukee Road MILW Maroon Current
111 Milwaukee Road MILW Orange Current
162 Milwaukee Road MILW Hopper Yellow Current
213 Milwaukee Road MILW 1930-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
120 Missouri Pacific MP Jenks Blue Current
121 Missouri Pacific MP Eagle Gray Current
122 Missouri Pacific MP Eagle Blue Current
123 Missouri Pacific MP Eagle Yellow Current
139 Missouri Pacific MP Boxcar Red Current
188 Missouri, Kansas, Texas MKT 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
223 Monon MON, CIL Frt. Car Red, ALL February, 2013
97 Montana Rail Link MRL Gray Current
98 Montana Rail Link MRL Blue Current
220 Nacional de Mexico NdeM 1945-50’s Frt. Car Red January, 2013
236 Nashville Central & St. Louis NC&StL 1938-50’s Frt. Car Brown June, 2014
36 New Haven NH Warm Orange Current
37 New Haven NH Hunter’s Green Current
38 New Haven NH 401 Green Current
39 New Haven NH Socony Red Current
40 New Haven NH Red-Orange Current
208 New Haven NH 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
43 New York Central NYC Jade Green Current
129 New York Central NYC Light Gray Current
130 New York Central NYC Dark Gray Current
221 New York Central NYC 1945-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
57 Northern Pacific NP Dark Green (North Coast) Current
58 Northern Pacific NP Light Green (North Coast) Current
68 Northern Pacific NP Yellow Current
145 Northern Pacific NP 1947 Pass. Car Dark GreenGreen Current
146 Northern Pacific NP 1947 Pass. Car Light GreenGreen Current
193 Northern Pacific NP 1930-45 Frt. Car Brown Current
169 Pan Am n/a Blue Current
44 Penn Central PC Green Current
75 Pennsylvania PRR Brunswick Green Current
131 Pennsylvania PRR Passenger Car Maroon Current
209 Pennsylvania PRR 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
235 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie P&LE 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red March, 2014
118 Providence & Worcester P&W Brown Current
119 Providence & Worcester P&W Orange Current
81 Railbox Corporation RBOX Yellow Current
78 Railroad Express Agency REA Green Current
133 Reading RDG Green Current
237 Reading RDG 1945-50’s Frt. Car Red June, 2014
45 Rio Grande D&RGW Aspen Gold Current
46 Rio Grande D&RGW Orange Current
216 Rio Grande D&RGW 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
100 Rock Island RI Green Current
166 Rock Island RI Blue Current
197 Rock Island RI 1930-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
19 Santa Fe ATSF Brown Current
20 Santa Fe ATSF Blue Current
21 Santa Fe ATSF Yellow Current
22 Santa Fe ATSF Red Current
251 Santa Fe ATSF 1945 + Frt. Car Brown Current
255 Santa Fe ATSF Heavyweight Green Current
212 Seaboard Air Line SAL 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red Current
55 Soo Line SOO White Current
157 Soo Line SOO Off-White Current
200 Soo Line SOO 1949-55 Frt. Car Red Current
243 SOO Line SOO 1940-60’s Frt. Car Brown Sept., 2014
65 Southern Pacific SP Lark Dark Gray Current
66 Southern Pacific SP Scarlet Red Current
106 Southern Pacific SP Daylight Red Current
107 Southern Pacific SP Daylight Orange Current
134 Southern Pacific SP Lark Light Gray Current
135 Southern Pacific SP Olive Green Current
153 Southern Pacific SP Depot Colonial Yellow Current
154 Southern Pacific SP Depot Moss Green Current
163 Southern Pacific SP Depot Trim Brown Current
211 Southern Pacific SP 1945-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
128 Southern Railway SOU Green Current
224 Southern Railway SOU 1938-50 Frt. Car Red Current
249 Spokane, Portland & Seattle SP & S 1946-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
47 Spokane, Portland & Seattle SP&S Green Current
48 Spokane, Portland & Seattle SP&S Yellow Current
238 Tennessee Central TC 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red Current
201 Texas & New Orleans T&NO 1949-55 Frt. Car Red Current
25 Union Pacific UP Harbor Mist Gray Current
26 Union Pacific UP Armour Yellow Current
180 Union Pacific UP 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
90 Vermont Railway VRT Red Current
104 Vermont Railway VRT Green Current
94 Via Rail VIA Gray Current
95 Via Rail VIA Blue Current
96 Via Rail VIA Yellow Current
252 Virgian VGN 1935 + Frt. Car Brown Current
191 Wabash WAB 1944-60’s Frt. Car Brown Current
156 Western Fruit Express WFE Yellow Current
99 Western Maryland WM Brown Current
73 Western Pacific WP New Orange Current
74 Western Pacific WP Green Current
204 Western Pacific WP 1940-60’s Frt. Car Red May, 2013
217 Wheeling & Lake Erie W&LE 1930-50’s Frt. Car Red November, 2013
116 Wisconsin Central WC Gold Current
117 Wisconsin Central WC Maroon Current
5 z -Generic Color n/a White Current
6 z -Generic Color n/a Concrete Current
7 z -Generic Color n/a Primer Current
8 z -Generic Color n/a Graphite Current
9 z -Generic Color n/a Grimy Black Current
10 z -Generic Color n/a Black Current
11 z -Generic Color n/a Boxcar Brown Current
12 z -Generic Color n/a Chinese Red Current
13 z -Generic Color n/a Aluminum Current
14 z -Generic Color n/a Satin Current
15 z -Generic Color n/a Thinner Current
16 z -Generic Color n/a Thinner- 2 Ounce Current
17 z -Generic Color n/a Flat Current
18 z -Generic Color n/a Gloss Current
52 z -Generic Color n/a Caboose Red Current
53 z -Generic Color n/a Tuscan Red Current
54 z -Generic Color n/a Pullman Green Current
69 z -Generic Color n/a Reefer Yellow Current
70 z -Generic Color n/a Reefer Orange Current
76 z -Generic Color n/a Rust Current
77 z -Generic Color n/a Silver Current
79 z -Generic Color n/a Vermillion Current
80 z -Generic Color n/a Imitation Aluminum Current
82 z -Generic Color n/a Rich Oxide Brown Current
85 z -Generic Color n/a Gold Current
88 z -Generic Color n/a Engine Maroon Current
89 z -Generic Color n/a Light Imitation Gold Current
91 z -Generic Color n/a U.S. Army Green Current
92 z -Generic Color n/a U. S. Navy Blue Current
93 z -Generic Color n/a Oxide Brown Current
151 z -Generic Color n/a U. S. Battleship Gray Current
152 z -Generic Color n/a U.S. Army Desert Camoflage Current
168 z -Generic Color n/a Iron Oxide Current
171 z -Generic Color n/a Weathered Black – Flat Current
172 z -Generic Color n/a Weathered Concrete – Flat Current
173 z -Generic Color n/a Weathered Iron Oxide – (Rust – Flat) Current
174 z -Generic Color n/a Grime (Flat) Current
175 z -Generic Color n/a Sulfur (Flat) Current
176 z -Generic Color n/a Dust (Flat) Current
225 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Cream Current
226 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Light Pink Current
227 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Light Tan Current
228 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Light Green Current
229 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Light Blue Current
230 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Dark Tan Current
231 z -Generic Color n/a Pass. Car Interior Dark Green Current
256 z -Generic Color n/a Light Primer Current