JUST ADDED – Flat Brushable paint to the product line

21 New Colors now ready to ship

We are proud to announce we have released the following colors and they are in stock in 1 and 2 oz. bottles. Note 16 oz. bottles of any of these are available on special order!

Note Price of these new paints are $ 5.49 for 1 oz. bottle, and $ 9.95 for a 2 oz. bottle.


TCP-800   Flat White

TCP-801   Flat Concrete

TCP-802   Flat Dark Gray

TCP-803   Flat Light Gray

TCP-804   Flat Grimy Black

TCP-805   Flat Black

TCP-806   Flat Brown (use for Railroad Tie Brown)

TCP-807  Flat Red (also use for Signal Red)

TCP-808  Flat Yellow

TCP-809  Flat Dark Green

TCP-810  Flat Light Green

TCP-811  Flat Aluminum

TCP-812  Flat Rust

TCP-813  Flat Dark Blue

TCP-814  Flat Orange

TCP-815  Flat Oxide Brown

TCP-816  Flat Stucco Gray

TCP-817  Flat Off-White

TCP-818  Flat Light Tan  (also a nice stucco or cinderblock color)

TCP-819  Flat Dark Tan  (same as 818)

TCP-820  Flat Light Blue

TCP-821  Flat Brick Red