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TCP-500 Through TCP-599 (Air Brush Ready – High Gloss Paints) And

1 OZ. BOTTLE $  5.69 (TCP-500 to TCP-599 Series)

2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 10.25 (TCP-500 to TCP-599 Series)

1 OZ. BOTTLE $  6.19 (TCP-700 to TCP-799 Series)

2 OZ. BOTTLE $ 11.25 (TCP-700 to TCP-799 Series)

TCP-500 through TCP-599

All Automotive Model Paints are High Gloss for that “Showroom Fresh” Appearance

TCP-500  Hot Purple

TCP-501  Cobalt Blue

TCP-502  Midnight Black

TCP-503  Sublime Green

TCP-504  Powder Blue

TCP-505  Hot Pink

TCP-506  Firecracker Red

TCP-507  Grabber Blue

TCP-508  Alpine White

TCP-509  Sun Orange

TCP-510  Midnight Blue

TCP-511  Racing Green

TCP-512  Arctic White

TCP-513  Rally Red

TCP-514  Riviera Blue

TCP-515  Hunter Green

TCP-516  Glacier Green

TCP-517  Sienna Orange

TCP-518  Velocity Yellow

TCP-519  Sassy Grass Green

TCP-520  Torch Red

TCP-521  Victory Red

TCP-522  Inferno Orange

TCP-523  Signal Red

TCP-524  Chrome Yellow

TCP-525  Omaha Orange

TCP-526  Grabber Orange

TCP-527  Grabber Green

TCP-528  Grabber Yellow

TCP-529  Performance Red

TCP-530  Butternut Yellow

TCP-531  Vitamin C Orange

TCP-532  Hemi Orange (Tor Red)

TCP-533  Racing Green

TCP-534  School Bus Yellow

TCP-535  Dark Maroon

TCP-536  Rally Yellow

TCP-537  Detonator Yellow

TCP-538  Goldenrod Yellow

TCP-539  Meadowlark Yellow

TCP-540  Light Ivy Yellow

TCP-541  Pastel Blue

TCP-542  Calypso Coral

TCP-543  Bright Red

TCP-544  Jamaica Yellow

TCP-545  1966-1979 Ford Red

TCP-546  Red Jewel

TCP-547  Kandy Cobalt Blue (Transparent Blue)

TCP-548  Race Red

TCP-548  Semi-Gloss Black (the only “flat” color offered in the automotive line for inside trim, bumpers, etc.)

TCP-550  Sebring Red

TCP-551  Kandy Apple Red (Transparent Red)

TCP-552  Medium Cabernet

TCP-553  Nitro Yellow Green

TCP-554  Kandy Lime Green

TCP-555  Aqua Blue (Oct., 2017)

TCP-556  Yukon Yellow

TCP-557  Kandy Sunset Orange

TCP-558  Kandy Chlorophyll Green

TCP-559  TBA

TCP-560  TBA

TCP-700 Through TCP-799 (Air Brush Ready – Metallic or Pearlescent Paints)

TCP-700 through TCP-799

Following Colors are all Fully Metallic or Pearlescent in Appearance)

TCP-700  Metallic Tangerine

TCP-701   Metallic Royal Purple

TCP-702   Metallic Candy Apple Red

TCP-703   Metallic Lime Green

TCP-704   Metallic Baby Blue

TCP-705   Metallic Burgundy

TCP-706   Metallic Bright Orange

TCP-707    Metallic Navy Blue

TCP-708   Metallic Silver

TCP-709   Metallic Gold

TCP-710   Metallic Cameo White

TCP-711    Metallic Evergreen Green

TCP-712    Metallic Black

TCP-713    Metallic Dark Pewter

TCP-714    Metallic Teal Green

TCP-715    Metallic Cobalt Blue

TCP-716    Metallic Canary Yellow

TCP-717    Metallic Light Pewter

TCP-718    Metallic Violet

TCP-719    Metallic Medium Green

TCP-720   Metallic Gunmetal Gray

TCP-721    Metallic Neon Orange

TCP-722   Metallic Teal Blue

TCP-723   Metallic Crimson

TCP-724   Metallic Goldenrod Yellow

Poly Colors are also Metallic – Names are Derived from Actual Automotive Manufacturer’s Color Chips

Tintcoats are Kandy (Transparent) colors

TCP-725   Metallic Crystal Red Tintcoat

TCP-726   Metallic Supersonic Blue

TCP-727   Metallic Inferno Range

TCP-728   Metallic Cyber Gray

TCP-729   Metallic Burnt Orange

TCP-730   Metallic Copper

TCP-731   Metallic Plum Crazy

TCP-732   Metallic Bright Atlantic Blue

TCP-733   Metallic Dark Titanium

TCP-734   Metallic Laser Red

TCP-735   Electric Currant Red Poly

TCP-736   Bright Calypso Green Poly

TCP-737   Medium Quasar Blue Poly

TCP-738   Metallic Amber Gold

TCP-739   Brilliant Red Poly

TCP-740   Dark Gray (Smoke) Poly

TCP-741    Medium Shadow Blue Poly

TCP-742   Bright Regatta Blue Poly

TCP-743   Dark Charcoal Pearlcoat

TCP-744   Surf Blue Pearlcoat

TCP-745   Dark Titanium Pearlcoat

TCP-746   Deep Water Blue Pearlcoat

TCP-747   Metallic Dark Blue

TCP-748   Metallic Cordovan Red

TCP-749   Metallic Bright Turquoise

TCP-750  Metallic Viking Blue

TCP-751  Metallic Lime Green Tintcoat

TCP-752  Wildberry Perlescent

TCP-753  Viper Emerald Green Pearlescent

TCP-754  Silver Topaz Pearlescent

TCP-755  Carbon Flash Pearlescent

TCP-756  Graphite Nightmist Poly (Metallic)

TCP-757  Dark Cherry Poly (Metallic)

TCP-758  Magnetic (Dark Gray Metallic)

TCP-759  Metallic Root Beer

TCP-760  Metallic Bronze Fire Tintcoat (a Metallic Kandy)

TCP-761  Raspberry Pearlescent

TCP-762  Metallic Molten Orange Tintcoat (a Metallic Kandy)

TCP-763  Black Cherry Pearlescent

TCP-764  Metallic Autumn Bronze

TCP-765  Dark Cloisonne Poly (Metallic)

TCP-769  Cayman Blue Poly (Metallic)

TCP-773  Red Rock Crystal Pearlescent

TCP-774  Tin