Hobby Shops and Stores

Hobby shops prefer our paints due to their realistic “TRU” colors

If YOUR hobby shop purchases Tru-Color Paint from a distributor and you would like to be added to this section of our website, please e-mail us with shop name, address and phone number.


There have been at least 3 new shops which have added Tru-Color Paint to their product line that we know of. Many more shops may have added the line, purchasing the Tru-Color Paint product line through various distributors. The following hobby shops carry Tru-Color Paint. We have listed them in state order to make it easier to find your local hobby shop where you can find the Tru-Color Paint color you require. If your local hobby shop does not have the Tru-Color Paint product line, ask them to contact us for a sales brochure and pricing information. Several shops stock the complete Tru-Color Paint product line (850 colors and growing) including the newly added masking paper specifically designed for the modeler. The shops that have been added are in  CO, TX AND CANADA .