Dealer and Wholesaler Inquiries

Wanting to stock our Tru-Color Paint products?  You’ve come to the right place!

Dealers and wholesalers that wish to stock Tru-Color Paint should contact us via e-mail, phone or regular mail to get a dealer or wholesaler application, pricing terms and information on our entire product line and what we can offer the dealer and wholesaler.

We have only a $ 100.00 minimum opening order for a dealer and a $ 250.00 minimum opening order for a wholesaler to get started carrying our product line. There is NO minimum for re-ordering any items from our product line, after the initial purchase and you may order 1, 2 or 16 ounce bottles of the entire product line ! Signs for existing paint racks a dealer may have are available for a nominal charge – ask about this service. Paint racks for the Tru-Color Paint product line are are in stock ! Each rack holds 42 SKU’s (3 tiers, 14 SKU’s per tier), are self leveling and are STACKABLE! We stock the COMPLETE PRODUCT LINE in 1 oz. and 2 oz. bottles and thinner in 16 oz. bottles. Every other color is available in 16 oz. bottles as a special order. These special orders are usually filled within 48-72 hours.

Sample bottles (2) of any color you wish will be sent to bonafide dealers (having a website and/or advertising/listing of the hobby shop in 1 of the trade magazines) for your evaluation along with the dealer or wholesaler application. Just ask for your samples when you e-mail or call us. Just let us know if your primary interest is railroading or automobile paint and we will do the rest.

Note that flyers for all product lines will be sent with your initial order. These are bundled 25 per pack, so let us know how many packs you would need for your store. Upon receipt of your initial order we will be happy to list your website/store on our website as a stocking dealer.

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